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Juniper Networks Launches Secure Edge

Juniper Networks Secure Edge managed by Security Director Cloud provides an unmatched ability to centrally manage network security policies across distributed networks and automate threat remediation.

Our adversaries are constantly improving their tactics and techniques, more malware is being introduced every day, and the daily barrage of newly discovered vulnerabilities is opening the doors for businesses to be compromised. We are proud to be partnered with Juniper Networks to continue bringing our clients cutting-edge capabilities to secure their enterprises. #automatedremediation

As workforces have become more distributed, our customers demand increased scalability and consistent security without breaking the bank. Juniper Secure Edge, managed by Security Director Cloud, allows us to meet those demands by providing best-of-breed network security, delivered from the cloud, via a consolidated solution with a single UI. We can more easily manage customer networks both at the edge and for the data center, and do it more effectively. Our customers are happy, and we’re happy we can provide them with a great user experience.
-Jeff Rathmann, CEO, Silo City IT

Reach out to Silo City IT today to learn more about how we're using #Juniper Secure Edge and #Security Cloud Director to provide better network security for our customers, and how you can leverage these best-of-breed capabilities to augment your security stack.


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