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Welcome to the RunZero product page, the ultimate network scanner and asset manager that will help you optimize and secure your IT infrastructure. With RunZero, you can easily discover and monitor all devices and endpoints on your network, quickly identify security risks and vulnerabilities, and take proactive actions to mitigate them.

RunZero uses a powerful scanning engine that automatically discovers all devices and endpoints connected to your network, including computers, servers, printers, routers, and IoT devices. Once the scan is completed, RunZero provides you with a detailed inventory of all assets, including their type, model, operating system, IP address, MAC address, and other key information.

You can then use RunZero's asset management features to keep track of your assets' status, location, and usage. You can also categorize your assets by department, location, or other custom criteria, making it easy to identify which assets are critical to your business and need extra attention.

But RunZero doesn't stop there. It also helps you identify and remediate security risks and vulnerabilities by performing automated vulnerability scans and assessments. You can use RunZero's built-in vulnerability database or import your own custom vulnerability data to tailor your scans to your specific needs.

In addition to vulnerability management, RunZero also provides advanced reporting and analytics features that allow you to track your IT assets' health and performance over time, identify trends, and make informed decisions about your IT infrastructure's optimization and security.

Key Features of RunZero:

  • Automatic network discovery and asset inventory

  • Customizable asset management and tracking

  • Automated vulnerability scanning and assessment

  • Built-in and custom vulnerability databases

  • Real-time security alerts and risk mitigation recommendations

  • Advanced reporting and analytics capabilities


With RunZero, you can be sure that your IT infrastructure is fully optimized and secure, and that you are always one step ahead of potential security threats.

If you are interested in learning more about our partnership with RunZero, or if you would like to try the solution for yourself, please contact us today.

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