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Penetration Testing

The Challenge

As the landscape of cyber threats continues to evolve, the frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks increases. At the same time, IT teams are navigating an ever-changing IT environment of new technologies and an emerging hybrid workforce including a work-from-home (WFH) culture. Often, changes are implemented in the enterprise, operational validation is completed, and the IT team moves to the next task. With every significant change there is potential for the introduction of new security gaps. Security validation is essential to identifying and mitigating these gaps before they are discovered by hackers and the organization is compromised.

Concurrently, new vulnerabilities are discovered, and the corresponding exploits are developed faster than cyber defenders can respond. To keep pace with malicious actors who are focused on causing havoc, a multi-layered approach to proactive cyber defense must be deployed. This includes continuous validation of existing security controls, identification of known vulnerabilities, credential monitoring, patch management, remediation validation, adequate malware detection and response, and more.

The Solution

Comprehensive and consistent validation of cyber defenses using automated technologies combined with manual subject-matter expertise. Yearly assessments are a single snapshot of the potential areas of compromise for an organization, but what happens new vulnerabilities are disclosed, new IT changes are implemented, upgrades are deployed, or business operations change? Silo City IT’s Machine-Augmented Security Validation (MASV) provides an effective means to continuously validate cyber defenses across the enterprise.

MASV Coverage:

  • Internal systems, network infrastructure, web applications, cloud infrastructure

  • External systems, network infrastructure, web applications

  • Compromised credential monitoring

  • Password complexity risk assessment

  • Ransomware Readiness

  • Custom Tailored Reporting


What is “Machine-Augmented”? Leveraging machine-based penetration testing, we deploy hundreds of hacking tactics and techniques without the possibility of human error or fatigue. This allows for not only a safer penetration test, but for a continuous penetration test during the allotted timeframe covering a larger scope of enterprise assets than is possible by humans alone. Automated penetration testing enables the verification of security policies and their proper implementation, pointing to outliers and exceptions in security measure instrumentation. Coupled with manual penetration testing tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), threat intelligence specific to your organization, and tactical testing scenarios such as Active Directory Password Assessment and Ransomware Readiness, MASV provides a comprehensive validation of security defenses for organizations of any size.


This unique approach to security validation sets Silo City IT apart from other providers. We are the leader in automated security validation and remediation, bringing the next generation of proactive threat prevention to the forefront to secure our customers.

The Goal

Prioritized Remediation. 


Anyone can run a vulnerability scanner and get a list of discovered weaknesses in their environment. This list may be a handful of findings or 1,000s of findings (or more). What you choose to remediate first is up to you, and more often than not this decision will be to start with the most critical findings and move down from there.  But what makes those findings critical?


What if those critical findings were never attacked and there were no known methods of successfully attacking a system with those vulnerabilities? What if the vulnerability of utmost importance is not a vulnerability but a misconfiguration, with the unfortunate consequence of exposing your organization to potential compromise? How do you prioritize what to invest time and money in to further protect your tribe? 


This requires continuous security validation, which can be satisfied with continuous penetration testing and automated security validation. 


To accurately implement prioritized remediation efforts, you need to determine the exploitability of the environment. The exploitability factor considers misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, weak passwords, endpoint protection effectiveness, and more. Only then can we accurately implement effective prioritized remediation practices. 


If you combine this workflow with scheduling and integrations into ticketing systems and Security Automation platforms, you can achieve Cyclical Vulnerability Remediation.

If you're looking to validate your cyber defenses to build a Cyclical Vulnerability Remediation process for your organization and/or achieve Continuous Security Validation, look no further than Silo City IT. Contact us today to learn more about our execution process and how we can help you proactively prevent cyber attacks.

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